Oster Info

1. Training

Am Samstag vor Ostern (04.04.) findet kein Training statt!

2. Workshop B-Swingt

Dear Swing Dancer,

we are very happy to present you a new event in Berlin: swing up the backyard.
In the past two years we were trying to build up this music & dance event in Summer. We had two bands battle in our backyard and danced mostly only lindy hop. We had great fun and positive energy all the time.
This year we will take a bigger step. Swing up the Backyard is offering one Balboa Edition (24th-26th of April) and one Lindy Edition (29th-31th of May) with two instructor-couples to each edition you can also learn a lot on these weekend.
Additionally to that we work with our fabulous organic coffee house in the backyard to arrange a Sunday Cozy Chilly Dinner after the workshop. Where all the dancers and teachers can get together and have a pre-social evening for the third party.
Especially the Balboa edition: we are so happy to invite the best two Swing bands from Berlin to battle for you. Andreas Hofschneider Quartette & Dukish Vagabonds!
Both of them are well known in the Swing World of German speaking countries. They have never been on the same stage before and this time they will take the challenge to play together in Berlin for Swing up the Backyard.
As teacher couples we have the most interesting and new coming stars for you. Check our webpage, if you don´t now them yet, you really should youtube them and find out what you have been missing!
Gloria & Albert, Eran, Claire, Ksenia, Sinclair & Soina.

We want to create a friendly, open & exciting space for everyone. Live music every night! Funky Strictly Competition!! Special performances!!!

Most of all we would love to have you here to share and enjoy a great first time of all our editions with us!