Susana & Gontran (F)

Mag & Sue

Gontran and Susana are balboa teachers from Studio Hop in Toulouse (France)
They have taught in diferent places all over the word like Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, England

Juggler, magician, and music-lover, Gontran has always had a pronounced artistic side, but it was when he discovered the world of swing and it’s fabulous energy in 2003 in Toulouse, France, that he found his true passion. He has since dedicated himself to the ensemble of its dance styles.
Gontran is an accomplished individual and partner dancer, and has string of competition credits in Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues which reach back to 2004.
He continues his training and reflections with world-renowned dancers and teachers and his enduring desire and appreciation for continual evolution are evidenced in his oft-uttered phrase, “It's enormous!”
Musical expression being one of his leitmotifs, he tries to adapt his dance and his lead to interpret the music for which he feels an extreme devotion. To this end, be it as a dancer, competitor, or teacher, he emphasizes the connection, the lead and follow, and the exchange between partners, the ultimate goal being that these serve musicality, creativity and bring happiness on the dancefloor and in the minds

Susana cannot be overlooked. When Susana is not sleeping, she is dancing!
Dance is part of her life. First an Argentinian tango dancer since 2003, she started to dance Balboa in 2006.
She has also been noticed on the dance floors by being placed high in the competitions.
Her style influenced by Argentinian tango will provide you with unique footwork.
Susana is passionate, a dance and sharing enthusiast.
Since her early age she learns to love all kind of music and develop open-mindedness.
She goes all over the world in a way to grow up and follow the evolution and universe of swing.
Naturally she started teaching the dances that talk so much to her body and heart.